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Title: defined
Pairing: Asaba Yuuta/Matsuoka Shun
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Yuuta questions.

Shun brushes Yuuta’s bangs away with a finger.

“It’s getting into your eyes,” Shun explains, smiling.


What is love?

It’s after lunch when Yuuta comes over to keep Shun company. Shun called, Yuuta went – as simple as that, their silent connection. Just as simple as Yuuta sits on the couch while Shun crosses his legs on the floor, arms rested on the coffee table as he writes notes. x + y = 2xy

The afternoon is quiet and windy, for once, in the middle of summer; their last summer, for once, for the last time.

“Where’s Yuuki-kun?”

“With Chizuru at Kaname’s.”

“Should we go over?”

Yuuta doesn’t say, but Shun doesn’t need to hear.

“I guess not,” Shun mentions with a chuckle.

Yuuta leaves the magazine he was reading on the space beside him, leans on his forearms to peer over Shun’s shoulder and then his vision is bombarded with formulas and equations that make him dizzy a little. He reaches out to trace a line on Shun’s nape.

Shun laughs, tickled.

- Yuuta feels even dizzier from the tiny sensation on his finger, from Shun’s skin and from his voice – heavenly.

“Do you want something to drink?” Shun asks as he continues to write. Yuuta doesn’t say, but Shun stands up anyway. Yuuta follows Shun to the kitchen and watches – carefully – the way nimble fingers prepare strawberry juice. Fingers that stir, that move with graceful dexterity – that Yuuta wants to fill the spaces of his hands with, to flutter on his skin, to touch him on his chest, lower…

Yuuta shakes his head.


“What is it?”

Shun holds up the glass of juice to Yuuta, eyes a bit confused but happy nonetheless.

“Here,” Shun replies softly. Yuuta nods and takes the glass, accidentally – purposely – letting his fingers graze on the fingers that he so shamelessly fantasized about just a few seconds ago. Shun jolts from the touch, slightly and so very subtle but Yuuta knows either way. They sit across from each other at the dining table, Yuuta with his juice and Shun with his water. Past the brim of his glass as he drinks, Yuuta stares at Shun taking a sip off his own, lips sliding on transparent matter – pink, smooth and soft, on his cheek, on his lips, on his skin…

Yuuta puts his glass down, swallows hard but he didn’t mean for it to echo.

“Hm?” Shun hums, both hands holding his cup – holding Yuuta, Yuuta’s…

“It’s good,” Yuuta manages calmly. The strawberry juice is, not his thoughts.

Shun’s eyes flicker with delight before he stifles a yawn with a hand over his mouth, the other rubbing at one closed eye – the eyelid that Yuuta wants to kiss, over and over…

“Have you…” Shun trails off, smile softening to a small frown, somewhat. Shun doesn’t continue, but Yuuta already knows.

“I haven’t, I guess. Try not to think about it,” answers Yuuta, sincere. Shun opens his mouth an inch, teeth biting at the tip of his tongue – swirling, in Yuuta’s mouth, with an identical one then on his chin, a trail down his chest, past his abdomen…

“We have to, you know,” Shun mumbles.

“I know. I know,” Yuuta reminds. He knows, then again, he doesn’t.

The way back to the living room is as quiet as Yuuta’s imagination then, as Shun’s steps. From behind, Yuuta notices Shun’s hips – small, perfect, seducing…

They go back to their places but Yuuta doesn’t know where he is now, not sure of everything.

What is love?

“Thank you for today, Yuuta-kun,” Shun says over his shoulder, a smile; always a smile that makes Yuuta lose control, bit by bit by bit…

“Sure,” Yuuta responds after a minute; a minute, somehow, that makes Yuuta’s heart itch with an eternity of uncertainty.

Love: the lust for Shun, and his entirety—


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