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Title: parachute
Pairing: Tachibana Chizuru/Satou Masaki
Rating: PG
Summary: The bests and the most's after 365 days.

It’s only been a year since he left the country. A year, but it undoubtedly feels like an eternity. He feels comforted when his nose is hit with the certain scent of oriental street food cooking and the smog that hovers over the city and the dry, cool air of his used-to-be neighborhood. But it still is, he reminds himself. And the first thing he does, without a second to lose, is to give his alma mater a quick visit and pull out the girl he left but promised to go back to 365 days later, the moment the dismissal bell rings and the afternoon on the verge of evening.

It feels like an awful, hellish eternity… without her by my side.

“Couldn’t you have waited? I might’ve had club activities,” Masaki scolds, gripping at the arm straps of her bag tightly as they walk by the riverbank. But he doesn’t listen to the scolding; only to her voice, the one he’s been dying to hear for the past 365 days. Typed words during their midnight chats weren’t enough, or the pictures she sent him occasionally weren’t sufficient to satiate his growing hunger for her… for her love. Though the pictures are tucked away preciously in his room back in Germany, in a small album that he hides under his mattress for his leisure – every day – time, to marvel at to great extent, he’d pick getting scolded at every waking moment of his life if it entails his being by her side. And she by mine, as each second ticks away.

“And there’s that,” Chizuru says as he trudges to the side and plops down on the grass; on the space overlooking the twinkling river streams of the near-evening. “You don’t have a club, now, do you?”

Masaki grips on her backpack straps tighter until her fingers become numb, and she kicks at the gravel passively while she glares at a mop of blonde hair in the distance. She hates how he’s right then, forgetting that she tells him all that’s been happening in school every single damn day but she still pouts, pretends to hesitate and goes over to sit beside him anyway – much to his utmost delight, obvious in his grin.


“Whatever,” Chizuru repeats, chuckling as he lies down with his arms folded under his head. Masaki whips her head to the side, irritated and swallowing all curses she could’ve shouted at Chizuru then. Because he just got back. Calm down, she reminds herself.

“Did you visit Shun-chan and the others?” Masaki asks. Her backpack slides off her shoulders and down her back as she pulls her legs up so that she can hug them – to muffle, disguise the oddity that is her voice then… it’s quiet, like how she really, truly misses me – I hope.

“Tomorrow,” Chizuru answers just as quietly as Masaki’s questioning voice. “Do you want to come with me?”

“Why should I?”

“Don’t you want to see Shun-chan too?” he asks but he regrets it with a quick laugh and a stiff smile because he already knows that she sees him almost every single day – from her stories, and probably in her dreams and he’s not an adult enough to admit that he doesn’t get bothered or upset about it anymore. He glances at her, sees the scarlet tint on her cheeks as she looks down on her folded knees, catching the glint in her eyes and the hint of a smile on her face – he’s jealous, envious to the core of his trembling heart but he doesn’t care. He’d like not to and nothing stops him, as he realizes that being with her at that moment is the best thing that has ever happened to him for the whole year… the best thing in my whole life, period.

The sky draws his attention and he sighs a year-worth of breath and waiting. Masaki turns to him, cheek on her knees and a few strands of hair brushing by the side of her face, making a line in her vision and cutting Chizuru into two.

“I want to die looking at the sky. Maybe, once my time is up, I can just float over there and lie down on a cloud. I’ll take a clump and taste it and I’ll just spit it all out if it doesn’t taste anything like cotton candy.”

“That’s stupid.”

“It is,” Chizuru agrees wholeheartedly, laughing. He feels like he can tell her anything; she feels like she can listen to everything. And they do all that, unknowingly yet understanding.

“If I have a little more time left, I want to lie down on the grass and look up at the sky while I ask you about your day and tease you about your hair then I’ll ask you to lean down so I can kiss your cheek.”

“That’s the stupidest.”

Because it is; he is, for making the cheeks he so openly shares to want to kiss burn red with a rosy radiance of embarrassment and something else… honesty, I wish it is.

So she stands up and jogs down to the riverside, leaving him behind to laugh his embarrassment and silliness away with threatening tears that go with his aching heartbeats. But it’s fine, he can take it. The pain, the jealousy… if you can just stay with me like this.

Chizuru sits up and leans back on his palms grasping on patches of grass passively. Masaki crouches down to ripple the water with a finger, not wanting to see her blushing face because she still feels her blood up to her cheeks and now skyrocketing to her ears – burning, tingling and weird. Sooner or later, it’ll rush to her head and she’ll feel dizzy all over again… she will forever be, when she’s with me.

The stars are peeking out now. Chizuru laughs as loudly as he can and Masaki looks over her shoulder. She stares fixedly at the boy who left her but promised to go back to her 365 days later and he’s changed – blonde hair not styled anymore, taller (kinda) and happier, if not crazier. But Masaki doesn’t know that Chizuru is still the same Chizuru as before; the one who confessed to her on a similar evening; the one who chases after her even when she isn’t running; the one who’s happiest and craziest with her – because it’s true, the fact that Masaki drives Chizuru crazy enough to experience eternal bliss. During such an awful, hellish eternity of waiting for the days to end so that the calendar will be full of cross marks that’ll signal his leave for his return to her, Chizuru is still the same Chizuru who makes Masaki stop and stare at a passing airplane in the sky, unconsciously wishing – hoping – that he’s there and would just jump off the plane and swoop down to her safely and make her feel dizzy over and over again.

“I want to live loving you.”

“That’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever told me.”

“But it’s the best confession I’ve ever made.”

And the best thing Chizuru does is stand up, slide down the grassy arc and walk to Masaki, pull her up to her feet and hug her tightly, with urgency… rushed, because I fear the end of this moment.

Then he kisses her.

And the most unbelievable thing Masaki does is let Chizuru pepper her face with gentle kisses that she so insistently does not want to admit she has been waiting for… but she has been, for this moment, like me.

Like how her imagination goes, Tachibana Chizuru swoops down and makes Satou Masaki dizzy…

For a meaningful while, over and over again.


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