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Title: soft spot
Pairing: Asaba Yuuki/Tsukahara Kaname
Rating: PG
Summary: It's a ball game.

“What have you been doing all this time?”

“Not being your ideal man.”

There’s a ‘why’ on Kaname’s face (along with the crinkle of his eyebrows and the tiny creases of his forehead) and Yuuki brushes it away with a finger – a poke on the small crook of Kaname’s nose, laughter as dull as his empty room without Yuuta and his things and his whole being.

“I want to be a mystery,” Yuuki answers with a threatening yawn so he bites on his lower lip and waits for the blurriness of his eyes to clear.

“Your lethargy is already a mystery,” Kaname comments with annoyance that ought to show in his hand, in the form of a strong smack on Yuuki’s head but he chooses against its existence and mentally eases himself instead.

“I don’t want to be— I don’t have to be.”

Kaname scratches at the back of his head. The cylindrical half of the door encasement marks dents on his scapula and lower back, similar to Yuuki, with the upper bunk’s flat plank surface just against his head while the lower board supports his wing bones.

“Yeah, you’re right.”

“I don’t want to be ‘right’.”

I want to be wrong. Come and correct me. Tell me words that would justify these feelings – justify me.

“Then what do you want?” Kaname demands with a stomp of his right foot.

Yuuki gazes into Kaname’s eyes – horrible, terrible bags mount below them yet hidden behind the shadow of glass frames – then he lowers his attention to the floor, on his and Kaname’s feet.

They look so close with only a few steps away

“To be enough.”

But Yuuki isn’t. When? When will he be?

The floorboards creak before the door closes as quiet as someone’s heart shattering after a slider-thrown baseball gets hit by a steel bat (and it goes crack) and flies out of the ballpark and crashes into ribs and tangles into numbing veins. Kaname walks away…


Like how Yuuki will count the steps he can take— he should take, to catch up to Kaname.

A homerun, it has to be. Then an ideal player in a make-believe game and a trophy as real and true as an unrequited enchantment…

And a never existent confession.

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